Ski Club Platinum Membership

Great News! Ski Club has launched Platinum Membership again. Take a look at the new policies available to Ski Club members! 

The 2021 Ski Club Platinum Membership has had a revamp with a new insurer, take a look at what’s included:

  • Get year-round travel insurance, including off piste skiing (with or without a guide)  
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance for those up to the age of 80 
  • Family Platinum Membership including children under the age of 23 (must be traveling with one named adult and in full-time education) 
  • Up to 24 days per trip, and 45 days skiing in a year, availability to extend via the Membership Team 020 8410 2015
  • Up to 10m if you need emergency medical treatment abroad, including our new pandemic/epidemic endorsement 
  • Up to £2000 if your winter sports equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged (various limits may apply) 
  • Backcountry, Heli-skiing, touring and Telemarking all included in Activity Pack 1, comes as standard no fee. 

Please find the Platinum Policy Wording here and IPID here for 2021. 

Please note we are unable to offer our insurance to Irish citizens who reside in Ireland as of December 2020.


Below are the prices by age range for our European Platinum Membership 2021:

European Platinum Membership Prices
Type Price
Individual Platinum U35 £130.00
Individual Platinum 35-69 £190.00
Individual Platinum 70-75 £295.00
Individual Platinum 76-80 £380.00
Family Platinum U35 £220.00
Family Platinum 35-69 £315.00
Family Platinum 70-75 £475.00

Please call the Ski Club Membership Team for the opportunity to upgrade activity packs or for Worldwide cover on 0208 410 2015, please also note the annual travel insurance for ages 76-80 is on an individual basis only.


There is no cover under any section of this policy in respect of travel to a destination to which the FCDO has advised against all or all but essential travel

If you are looking to purchase travel insurance for an upcoming trip please take a look at our new Ski Club Insurance Page for stand-alone policies both single and multi-trip. As a member redeem a 15% discount by going via ‘My Ski Locker’, please make sure you read the Policy Documents carefully due to the current restrictions on travel.


Prior to 31st August 2020

If you have a Ski Club Platinum Membership policy purchased prior to 31st August 2020 you can find the different policy wordings and IPIDs here with all the relevant information re medical assistance, and the claims process if needed.

For members who purchased policies from 14th March – 31st August please see your IPID and Policy Wording as our TIF Group Platinum Policies do not provide cover for cancellation, abandonment or curtailment claims if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all or “all but essential” travel. Our policies will also not cover any claims caused by or relating to Coronavirus, COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2), any mutation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARs-COV-2 or any pandemic or fear or threat of any the above. We also can not cover any claims relating to any fear or threat concerning these viruses. This general exclusion applies to all sections of cover except for the Emergency Medical Expenses section.

Just a reminder.. Ski Club Platinum membership includes annual European multi-trip travel insurance, with comprehensive cover for all your winter and summer holidays. Plus, if you have a family membership, children up to 24 in full time education are covered for FREE.


Ski Club Platinum membership insurance details

Full cover information can be found in the policy wordings, which have been sent to members via email on the date of purchase, please be advised your Platinum membership and associated travel insurance run concurrently, and any extensions will follow suit.
To find out more about Platinum Membership please contact the Membership Team on 020 8410 2015 or email

Please see the table below for an outline of the Platinum Membership cover for policies bought prior 31st August 2020.

Platinum membership cover includes:
Medical Expenses £10,000,000
Cancellation £6,000
Policy Excess £75
Airline Failure £1,500
Personal Baggage £2,000
Money £500
Travel Delay £300
Trip Abandonment £6,000
Missed Departure £1,000
Personal Liability £2,000,000
Accidental Death £15,000
Permanent loss of sight or limb £20,000
Permanent and total disablement £20,000
Legal Protection £50,000
Maximum Trip Limit 31 days*


Winter sports cover

Unable to use your pre-paid Ski Pack total £500
Winter sports equipment is lost, stolen or damaged total £2,000
Winter sports equipment hire due to damaged equipment total £1,000
Hired winter sports equipment is lost, stolen or damaged: £500 total
Avalanche closure total £1,000
Piste/resort closure due to too much or not enough snow £300

Ski Pack
 means ski pass, ski lift pass and ski school fees

* Up to 24 days winter sports cover per trip. 45 days in total per year.

Full policy information can be found in the policy wording.