Ski Club Platinum Membership 

The Ski Club's Platinum Membership package is an ideal way to bring your membership and annual multi-trip travel insurance together, into one easy to manage package that offers excellent value for money. 

  • By Skiers, For Skiers - Travel insurance engineered for winter, with up to 45 days winter sports cover per year and including off piste, without a guide, and outside of resort boundaries as standard on all policies.

  • Dedicated Membership Service - When you take out Platinum Membership, you join the UK's oldest and largest snowsports organisation. We work closely with our insurers to provide the best possible service for our members, and our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions.

  • Excellent Value for the Whole Family - Platinum Membership offers excellent value by combining your Ski Club membership and our comprehensive on-snow cover. Policies are available for Individuals and Families, including cover for dependants up to the age of 23 (and in full time education)

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Join the Ski Club today and select "Platinum" when offered to take out our combined membership and annual multi-trip insurance. Alternatively, give the memberships team a call on 0208 410 2015. 

To upgrade an existing membership, please log in and follow the "Upgrade" instructions in My Ski Locker. Alternatively, give the memberships team a call on 0208 410 2015.

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Platinum Membership Policy Documents

Please click on the relevant links to open each document. Please note that our policy documents are generic and therefore apply to both European and Worldwide (inc. USA, Canada & the Caribbean) Platinum Memberships - please check your policy schedule carefully to confirm the geographical regions covered. For more information or to answer any queries, please contact the Ski Club Memberships Team on 0208 410 2015.

Platinum Policy Wording

Platinum Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

List of Automatically Covered Medical Conditions

Membership Prices - Europe

Our definition of Europe extends to cover most of geographic Europe, as well as European Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Please read the policy wording to see exactly where is covered. Platinum Memberships including insurance for Europe are available both online and over the phone on 0208 410 2015.


Type Price
Individual Platinum U35 £130.00
Individual Platinum 35-69 £190.00
Individual Platinum 70-75 £295.00
Individual Platinum 76-80 £380.00
Family Platinum U35 £220.00
Family Platinum 35-69 £315.00
Family Platinum 70-75 £475.00

Membership Prices - Worldwide (inc. USA and CANADA)

There are no geographical restrictions when travelling under this policy. Platinum Memberships including insurance for Worldwide (inc. USA & Canada) are only available with the memberships team over the phone on 0208 410 2015.

WORLDWIDE inc. USA, Canada, Caribbean 
Type Price
Individual Platinum U35 £300.00
Individual Platinum 35-69 £325.00
Individual Platinum 70-75 £495.00
Individual Platinum 76-80 £790.00
Family Platinum U35 £520.00
Family Platinum 35-69 £549.00
Family Platinum 70-75 £775.00

Platinum Highlights for 2022:

  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance for those up to the age of 80
  • Family Platinum Membership including children under the age of 23
  • Cover on for up to 24 winter sports days on any one trip, and up to a maximum of 45 during the period of the policy.
  • Up to £10m cover if you require emergency treatment whilst abroad, including for treatment related to COVID-19
  • Up to £2000 if your winter sports equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged (various limits may apply)
  • Backcountry, Heli-skiing, touring and Telemarking all included as standard

Important Information

You must read your policy documents carefully to ensure that the cover provided is suitable for your wants and needs. There is a 14-day cooling off period, during which you may cancel your policy for a full refund of all premiums paid, if the insurance provided as part of our Platinum Membership does not meet your demands and needs. Otherwise, our standard terms and conditions apply.

Our Platinum Membership includes Activity Pack 1 as standard under the policy - this includes skiing/snowboard, off piste, without a guide and outside of resort boundaries, as well as heliskiing, catskiing, touring and telemarking. Activity Packs 2, 3 and 4 are only included on payment of an additional premium. For more details please see the policy wording available above.

We are only able to offer Platinum on a European basis with no additional Activity Packs included online via the Ski Club Website. Should you wish to take out or extend your policy to worldwide cover (inc. USA, Canada & Caribbean), or to include additional activity packs, please give the memberships team a call on 0208 410 2015.

You may need to declare medical conditions to our insurance providers to ensure that appropriate cover is available. Please read your policy documents carefully to understand exactly what may be required of you. Please contact the medical screening team on 0330 660 0749 for more information. This can be done either before or after you complete the joining or upgrade process.

Please be aware that there is no cover under any section of the policy provided as part of Platinum Membership for travel in relation to a destination to which the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has advised against all or all but essential travel.


Winter Sports Days

The insurance provided as part of our Platinum Membership provides cover for up to 45 winter sports days in one year, of which 24 can be taken on any one single trip. This is alongside out separate maximum trip duration of 31 days, regardless of activities pursued during this time.

We are able to offer extensions to these limits, including multi-trip extensions of both winter sports days and general trip length, and our 5 Month Single-Trip extension, perfect for seasonnaires working or living in the mountains, 

Please contact the Membership team for more information on 0208 410 2015.


Travel within the UK

The insurance provided as part of Platinum Membership includes cover for some travel within the United Kingdom (inc. Isle of Man). Trips from the UK (inc. Isle of Man) to the Channel Islands and vice versa are considered as "European" and therefore fall under the normal scope of the policy

Trips are considered as insured if they are for two nights or more and in pre-booked accommodation.

Please note there is no cover for emergency medical expenses, including mountain rescue and as a result of winter sports, as these services are provided free at the point of use within the UK.


Non-UK Residents (inc. Republic of Ireland)

Please be aware that we are only able to offer Ski Club Travel Insurance Policies, including our Ski Club Platinum Membership, to those resident in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.  In a departure from previous years, please note that as of December 2020 we are no longer able to offer our policies to those resident in the Republic of Ireland. We apologise for any disappointment felt in this matter.

Emergency Assistance

If you require emergency assistance whilst abroad, please contact the emergency assistance line on:

+44 (0)330 660 0742


Making a Claim

In order to make a claim, please follow the link below to our claims handlers' website.

Claims and personal information relating to claims are handled by  CSAL, a company external to the Ski Club and our insurance partners. 



For more information on the UK GHIC and UK EHIC cards available following the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, please see our guide below.

Please note, both GHIC and EHIC schemes to do not act as a replacement for travel insurance.