• Price: £645 with binding
  • Sidecut (mm): 133 - 93 - 115
  • Radius: 16.4m (180cm)
  • Lengths (cm): 153, 162, 171, 180, 189
  • Weight: 1,587g (180cm)


  • Sidewall: Full sidewall
  • Core: Honeycomb, carbon & lightweight woodcore
  • Profile: Tip & tail rocker

Ability level

Green is the ability level this ski suits:


Lower Intermediate

Upper Intermediate

Lower Advanced

Upper Advanced

Lower Expert

Upper Expert

They say

Sometimes it’s deep. Sometimes it’s tracked. Sometimes it’s bumped. Lots of times it’s groomed. If this is when and where you ski, then the 93 is for thee.

We say

Being a completely new product the Kore immediately makes an impact, it feels feather-light underfoot and is noticeably lighter in feel to other skis in this group. This makes them exceptionally easy at slow speed, and will give any skier confidence with the first turn. The 93 feels wide enough in powder and variable snow conditions, while that light, nimble character means it floats up quickly and easily. Overall, for any backcountry conditions this is a ski that is exceptionally easy to use which manages to combine super lightweight with a strong all-mountain performance.


Ease of use, very lightweight.


Some freeride skiers will want more width.

Testers comments

Wow, what a great ski! Loads of life and pop in deep snow. A great option for all-mountain freeride skiing. (Pete Davison)

Great ski, light, quick and nimble. Alive under your feet! (John Taylor)