• Price: £350 without a binding
  • Sidecut (mm): 128 - 85 - 112
  • Radius: 13.5m (170cm)
  • Lengths (cm): 149, 156, 163, 170
  • Weight: 1,625g (170cm)


  • Sidewall: Cap & sidewall combo
  • Core: Lightweight woodcore
  • Profile: Tip rocker

Ability level

Green is the skier level this ski suits:


Lower Intermediate

Upper Intermediate

Lower Advanced

Upper Advanced

Lower Expert

Upper Expert

They say

The new K2 ThriLUVit 85 is ideal for women skiers who want to charge on-piste and enjoy themselves off-piste.

We say

K2 have got a long history with women’s specific skis and their huge experience in this area shines through. The ThriLUVit just feels a really well developed, perfectly balanced all mountain ski that can handle anything that is thrown at it. They are very quick to initiate the turn, and once into the arc very reactive to input from the skier, you can really feel what’s going on and enjoy quickly pushing on to your limits. At speed they are incredibly stable, moving them into off-piste conditions they steer well, with the rockered shape and flex feeling well judged, although the ski can feel a bit heavy at times.


All round capability. A well judged all-mountain ski.


Hard to fault, but if we had to be picky it can feel heavy in off-piste conditions.

Testers comments

A ski for all levels of skill and ability. Once again K2 have produced one of the easiest skis to use in all conditions. (Lynn Mill)

Quick to initiate the turn, easy to ski off piste, nice for short to medium turns. (Eilidh McCloud)