• Price: £575 with binding
  • Sidecut (mm): 122 - 73 - 103
  • Radius: 14.3m (163cm)
  • Lengths (cm): 153, 158, 163
  • Weight: 2,806g (163cm)


  • Sidewall: Full sidewall
  • Core: Steel & lightweight woodcore
  • Profile: Tip rocker

Ability level

Green is the ability level this ski suits:


Lower Intermediate

Upper Intermediate

Lower Advanced

Upper Advanced

Lower Expert

Upper Expert

They Say

This easy handling tip rocker slalom carver, makes the corduroy a true playground for advanced to expert skiers.

We say

This is an exceptionally strong ski that feels very much focused on the expert spectrum of skiers. It has a relatively stiff flex, which feels perfect for medium to longer radius high speed turns. It’s really strong and quick to get onto the edge, and feels super reactive through the arc. For all round high speed use on the groomers it’s a brilliant ski that would satisfy high level skiers. In short turns it feels a bit more of handful, and can offer up good grip but needs a lot of input from the skier.


<p>Grip and power in longer arcs. Stable and strong at speed.</p>


A bit tougher to control in shorter turns.

Testers comments

Very stiff, great for medium radius and bigger turns. (Eilidh McCloud)

Strong and quick to get an edge, quite hard work due to its stiffness. (Lynn Mill)