Dynastar Omeglass WC SL


Price: £880.00 (with binding)
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut Classified
Turn radius Classified
Lengths 150, 155, 165
Construction Wood core
Slant nose
Sandwich construction
Strengths Reactive, fast and agile
Weaknesses Quite poppy, difficult on the transition

They say

We say

The new ‘Slant Nose’ gives the Dynastar a distinctive look, on the snow they feel quite different to the Fischer RC4’s. The Dynastar has a lighter, more agile feel, entry to the turn is electric, once it is tilted onto the edge it just wants to go and carve out a powerful turn. That fast reactive character is a double edged sword, it gives instant feedback, and great performance, but it can feel difficult to handle on the transition.

Tester Comments

Al Morgan
Good feel into the turn, but harder work coming out of it
Nicko Braxton
Felt least amount of grip through the end of the turn