Head Peak 72


On-Piste Carvers
Price: £205.00 (Including Bindings )
Ability Level Beginner Lower Advanced Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 122-73-106
Turn radius 14 (170)
Lengths 149, 156, 163, 170
Construction Intelligence technology

Strengths Lively, fun and grippy, loads of character
Weaknesses Ultimately they do have their limits

They say

We say

To be honest at this price bracket as a test team we were not expecting very much! But, we were absolutely astonished at the level of performance this ski could deliver. They have a reactive shape which loves to carve out medium radius turns. Stability at speed is particularly surprising, they definitely can cope with speeds beyond the level of skier that is likely to buy them. Overall, this is a peppy, fun ski that is fantastic value for money.

Tester Comments

Lee Townend
Great all round ski, the best and cheapest in its class. Why rent when you can buy these! 
Nicko Braxton
Stable at speeds far beyond what they will ever be skied