Movement Jam


Men's All-Mountain
Price: £245.00
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 136-85-117
Turn radius 16 (173)
Lengths 164, 173, 182
Construction Woodcore
Sidewall CTS Powerail
Tri-axial base
Strengths Easy to get into the turn.
Weaknesses Uneven flex pattern. Hard work getting out of the turn

They say

We say

The Jam has a very easy turn initiation; this is helped by the really soft tip which is forgiving when tilted onto the edge. The softness through the front of the ski also allows it to float up in junkie conditions. It’s really the flex pattern that dominates the character of this ski - the tail feels pretty stiff, which gives more grip, but also makes it harder to handle coming out of the turn.

Tester Comments

Roddy Willis
Soft tip, stiff tail, easy turn initiation - but got a little stuck at the end of the turn
Lee Townend
Stiff tail works well on the piste, though it’s tough to get off the edge off piste