Volkl Sensor 1


On-Piste Carvers
Price: £280.00 (Including Bindings )
Ability Level Beginner Lower Intermediate Lower Advanced Upper Advanced Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 116-68-100
Turn radius 13 (161)
Lengths 148, 154, 161, 168
Construction Multicell wood core
Duel core technology
Strengths Grippy, smooth, good technology at a great price
Weaknesses Starts to flap at higher speeds

They say

We say

The Sensor uses dual core technology, the result is that if you are leaning too far back, the tail of the ski releases and pulls you more into the desired direction. It works, and would be a help for the lower level intermediate skier who buys skis in this type of price range. This was another fantastic entry level ski, it was grippy smooth and stable at higher speeds, yet still easy to use at a slower pace.

Tester Comments

Alyn Morgan
Such a useable ski which can be opened up to carve easily