Black Diamond Verdict


Men's All-Mountain
Black Diamond
Price: £620.00
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 134-102-121
Turn radius 23 (180)
Lengths 170,180,190
Construction 3D Sandwich construction
Metal topsheet
Semi-rockered tip
Strengths Solid at speed in variable conditions
Weaknesses Stiff tail can affect the exit of the turn

They say

This is the fourth generation design of the Verdict. It retains the fat 102mm underfoot but is beefed up with a 3D sandwich construction and a metal topsheet. It also uses a semi-rockered tip shape to help move through deeper conditions. The Verdict feels well suited to high-speed riding, its powerful construction and softer tip allowing it to cut through chop and crud with ease. There’s quite a difference in flex between the tip and the tail - sometimes that stiff tail can grab and be harder to release from the turn.

We say

Tester Comments

Sean Langmuir
Great at speed, but tail can catch through the end of the turn
Al Morgan
Good in soft snow and carves well. Tip flex helps it float in the crud