Fischer Progressor 800


Price: £499.00 (with binding)
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 122-74-103
Turn radius 12 (165)
Lengths 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175
Construction Dual Radius Amplifier
Sandwich sidewall
Wood core
Strengths Easy to use, light and forgiving
Weaknesses Faster, heavier skiers will prefer something with more beef

They say

We say

This is a new addition to the Progressor range which uses the dual radius system with Amplifier at the front to gain optimum turning and power transfer. The Progressor was one of the easier piste performance skis we tried within this group. It’s smooth and gentle on initiation, it’s light weight helps make the ski feel manageable and easy to adjust. It would make a great choice for skiers who are just getting to grips with carving.On the edge it grips well, feeling particularly suited to longer turns. At high speeds on harder conditions its gentle flex can cause it to break away.

Tester Comments

Sean Langmuir
‘Do it all’ type of ski, but not that lively. Smooth and easy to use
Pete Davison
Very easy to use, smooth through the edge transfer, lacked a bit of edge grip on steeper, icier slopes