Movement Gloss


Women's All-Mountain
Price: £439.00
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 127-80-108
Turn radius 14 (164)
Lengths 155, 164, 173
Construction Light poplar wood core
Sidewall CTS
Dynamic light Tri-Axial reinforcement
Strengths Looks awesome! Easy to use too, with a soft flex
Weaknesses Feels less stable and strong at high speeds

They say

We say

This new model uses a very light wood core to help make it easy to handle. The new disco graphics were a real hit with the team – it’s a great looking ski! The main characteristic is its soft flex and easy ride. It feels very easy to use: moving into the turn, pivoting and adjusting are no effort. This would be the ideal choice for skiers looking for a cruisy day on the mountain. That flex also really helps the Gloss in deeper conditions, allowing the ski to rise up onto the surface of the snow. At higher speeds, in all conditions, it starts to feel less stable and would need a stronger construction to cope.

Tester Comments

Amanda Pirie
Easy for the intermediate skier who loves retro graphics and skis slowly
Rowena Phillips
The soft flex makes slow skiing off piste forgiving