Nordica Fire Arrow 74 EDT


Price: £699.00 (with binding)
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 126-74-109
Turn radius 14.5 (172)
Lengths 156, 164, 172
Construction Full Twin Active Double Titanium
XBICT Integrated binding interface
Strengths Powerful, grippy, very responsive
Weaknesses Could be a smoother flex, price

They say

We say

The new Fire Arrow is designed with a wider sidecut and a slight twin tip, it also uses the EDT alloy insert which gives the ski added power. On the move, the main characteristic that comes through is the huge amount of grip available, particularly directly under the foot. This gives you confidence to crank the Fire Arrow onto its edge fully in the knowledge that it will never break away. All of our testers loved the grip and sheer energy that this ski delivers. The EDT plate sometimes takes smooth equal flex away from this ski, with definitely a lot more stiffness under the foot, but overall a great new product, but it is expensive.