Rossignol Experience 88 Open


Top Performer
Men's All-Mountain
Price: £425.00
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 135-88-124
Turn radius 16.4 (178)
Lengths 162 - 170 - 178 – 186
Construction Rocker
Extended sidecut
Cascade tip
Strengths Easy to use: good performance on the piste, and easy in the powder
Weaknesses Dull graphics

They say

We say

The Experience is a new product and a classic example of the new wave of performance- orientated skis with rocker. Immediately you start moving, the new shape starts working, making the initiation of the turn very easy. Once tilted onto its edge, it grips really well, giving a sharp performance, while still keeping that great feeling of instant adjustability. In deeper conditions the rocker worked well, enabling the ski to pivot and float. Overall, a very well-balanced, easy-to-use all- mountain ski - at a great price.

Tester Comments

Mark Jones
Skis well and reacts well to everything I could throw at it. Fun and versatile
Sean Langmuir
Great value: rocker tip and tail work really well. Amazingly good in deep snow