Salomon BBR 7 9


Men's All-Mountain
Price: £400.00
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 140-79-102
Turn radius 11.5 (169)
Lengths 149, 159, 169, 179
Construction Edgy monocoque
Full woodcore

They say

We say

The ski started creeping into the shops in the Alps at the end of last season, and grabbed everyone’s attention. It actually got quite common to see groups of skiers starting in bewilderment at this strange beast in shop windows. The BBR is like nothing you’ve seen before. Its design is inspired by surfing and kite surfing, and indeed looks as though you should be big-wave riding in Maui rather than slapping ski boots into it. Salomon would not categorise this ski on the tests, so, scratching our heads as to how it would ski, we took a pair of the 7.9’s and set out into the unknown. The weirdest thing with the BBR is that it doesn’t ski how it looks. You’d think the huge surfers’ nose and wide waist would make it a big, flappy backcountry ski for the powder. However, on the piste it absolutely rips! Tip it onto the edge, and it flies, showing great edge-grip and carving out a surprisingly tight arc. It feels more like a GS ski than a fat powder board. In deeper snow, it felt quite the opposite to what we were expecting. The reactive shape cut through the snow, with the shovel rising up, while the waist and tail sank firmly into the snow. You feel like you’re ‘in’ the snow rather than ‘on’ it. This is definitely a ‘Marmite’ ski! You’ll either love it, or you’ll run scared, scurrying back to something more normal!