Blizzard G-Force Supersonic


Top Performer
Price: £599.00 (with binding)
On piste short turns:
On piste long turns:
Ease of use:
Suitability for level:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 123-72-105
Turn radius 15.5 (174)
Lengths 160, 167, 174, 181
Construction Sandwich Sidewall
Magnesium and Titanium reinforcement
Strengths Brilliant all rounder on the piste - heaps of energy
Weaknesses Can get less stable at very high speeds on hard snow

They say

We say

Incorporates Blizzard’s IQ system which uses a track moulded into the ski during manufacturing process. This allows a normal flex of the ski free from the influence of the binding mount. It’s immediately clear this is a very playful, easy ski to use. But it also can really pack a punch in the performance stakes. It’s very lively from edge to edge, and has a nervous energy which is infectious. For both long and short turns, it has good stability and plenty of edge-grip. The relatively soft shovel makes for an easy entry into the turn whilst it powers out of the curve really well. At high speeds in hard conditions it can get a little jittery, but for performance at this price it’s a great buy.

Tester Comments

Lee Townend
The soft nose makes for easy entry into the turn, whilst the wood rails give great stability on the edge
Anthony Swallow
Nice balance for short and long turns - could have more stability at higher speeds