Head Rev 85


Top Performer
Men's All-Mountain
Price: £545.00 (with binding)
Off piste long turns:
Off piste short turns:
On piste long turns:
On piste short turns:
Ease of use:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 131-85-113
Turn radius 14.7 (170)
Lengths 163, 170, 177, 184
Construction Era 3
Power Rail
Sandwich construction
Strengths Awesome new shape and beautiful engagement at the start of the turn

They say

The Rev 85 is part of a new range which uses a new ERA 3 shape. This has a wider tip to allow better contact with the snow while utilising a rocker tip. The 85 also uses a powerful sandwich construction and the Power Rail System on the binding to give more power.

We say

One of the biggest strengths of this ski is the turn initiation. At the start of the curve the shovel really engages solidly with the snow, and drives the ski into the new direction. It’s without doubt the best performer at this point in the turn. Once on the edge, it’s responsive, very smooth, and great fun in any turn-shape. In deeper snow, the wider shovel and smooth flex work exceptionally well, and allow the ski to cope superbly in these types of conditions. The Rev was brilliant both on and off piste, and comes highly recommended by the test team.