Scott Crus Air


Price: £640.00
Ability Level Lower Expert Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 129-92-116
Turn radius 17 (179)
Lengths 169, 179
Construction Pro-Tip Rocker
Sandwich Sidewall
Carbon Laminate
Strengths Easy to use, smooth and stable at speed and in the crud
Weaknesses A bit heavier than other touring skis

They say

The Crus’Air is a wide bodied touring ski that comes in at a heavier weight than most pure touring skis. However that wider platform should help it stay on top of the deep stuff and drive through slush and crud.

We say

This feels like the perfect solution for the more freeride style touring skier. On harder snow it holds an edge really well and feels smooth and stable at speed. It comes into its own in powder and happily cuts through variable conditions at all speeds. In the powder in has an easy, floaty feel and has plenty of drift when required. It’s the sort of ski that will happily keep up with skiers on standard alpine kit, it’s a great ski for skiers who want an easy ride on the way down. Weight - 1.7kg