Armada Triumph


Price: £500.00
On piste short turns:
On piste long turns:
Ease of use:
Suitability for level:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 120-78-107
Turn radius 15.8 (171)
Lengths 164, 171, 178, 185
Construction Double Zone core
Laminate Matrix
Traditional camber
Strengths Easy to use and versatile
Weaknesses Struggles to handle very high speeds on hard snow

They say

Armada’s premier on-piste ski uses a powerful race-derived construction on an all-mountain chassis. The traditional camber is used for full engagement of the tip and tail. Exceptionally easy to use, the ski has a smooth flex, pivots with no effort and is generally accessible to all levels of skier.

We say

The Triumph is a well rounded ski that gives out a nicely balanced performance: the sidecut and flex really match up well. But on hard snow and at high speeds it doesn’t feel as beefy as many other skis in this category - there’s a limit to the level of edge-hold it can manage. Overall, though, it’s easy to use, and has more of an ’all-mountain’ feel than being focused on high-speed work.

Tester Comments

Derek Chandler
For piste performance needs to be beefed up, but smooth, easy and adaptable for all round skiing.
Lee Townsend
Great fun and easy to use. Works well in bumps - super-soft and has a high speed threshold.