Dynastar Cham 97


Men's Freeride
Price: £510.00
Off piste long turns:
Off piste short turns:
On piste:
Ease of use:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 133-97-113
Turn radius 16 (178)
Lengths 166, 172, 178, 184
Construction Rocker tip
Wood core
Titanal laminate
Strengths Floaty, wild looking, and very reactive
Weaknesses Can feel quite stiff underfoot, yet flappy through the shovel. Needs a smoother flex

They say

The 97 continues unchanged this year, still using its radical fivepoint sidecut, long tip rocker and a powerful titanal sandwich construction.

We say

The Cham always gets a strong reaction from our testers. The radical shape and in-your-face graphics add to the ski's flamboyant character. For a ski that's so fat, particularly through the shovel, it's surprisingly reactive on hard snow. The sidecut really rips you through the turn, with a lot of the power coming through directly underfoot. In deep snow it still has that whippy character, while the wide, rockered shovel quickly allows it to float up. It can feel quite stiff and unyielding, and some testers found the shape too much of a handful. But once up to speed in powder it feels more stable.

Tester Comments

Nico Braxton
Nimble underfoot, and comes into its own on soft snow. Shovel feels too large for high speeds
Mark Jones
Reactive shape, good fun and looks different. Flex feels pretty stiff