Scott Venture


Men's Freeride
Price: £500.00
Off piste long turns:
Off piste short turns:
On piste:
Ease of use:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Lower Intermediate Upper Advanced Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 132-94-118
Turn radius 15 (168)
Lengths 168, 178, 188
Construction Venturi tip rocker
Sandwich sidewall construction
Strengths Really adaptable - copes well in all conditions
Weaknesses Could use more float in powder

They say

The Venture comes with a new graphic but continues with last year’s construction. It uses the ‘Venturi’ tip rocker which combines a hollow shape with rocker. This decreases surface pressure and allows the tip to float up. It’s very adaptable, and can take on any conditions and terrain with ease.

We say

It’s just brilliant for playing from piste to powder, particularly in chopped-up conditions where its real forte is blasting out medium-to-long turns. It feels ideal for this type of skiing, with lots of grip and an easy-to-judge round turnshape. Staying on the groomed runs, it’s very strong, with lots of edge-grip and a nice tight sidecut that makes it feel very reactive. In deep powder it can cope, and will work well in the hands of a capable skier, but would need more float and surf ability to suit heavy-hitting freeride skiers.

Tester Comments

Chris Taine
Freeride ‘lite’ - feels more like an allmountain ski. Nice performance on piste but not too demanding or grunty.
Lee Townend
Easy to use. Playful and fun in all conditions