Dynastar CR 74 Fluid


Price: £530.00 (with binding)
On piste short turns:
On piste long turns:
Ease of use:
Suitability for level:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 124-74-106
Turn radius 16 (178)
Lengths 165, 172, 178, 184
Construction Sandwich Construction
Dual Wood Core
Tip Rocker
Strengths Very powerful, lots of grip, full contact along the edge
Weaknesses Harder work for pivoting and adjusting at lower speeds

They say

Developed with the aid of the race department, the CR74 is aimed at expert skiers who are looking for a precise ski, completely dedicated to the piste. It uses a classic sandwich construction matched up to a dual wood core with some tip rocker to help pivoting and turn initiation.

We say

This is a ski that always feels supremely powerful and ready to hit a higher gear. The defining part is the radical, mean looking tip which somehow seems to add to the expectations of a powerful performance. It feels really grippy along the whole length of the ski and is just completely rock solid, whatever the speed, whatever the conditions. Its very quick on the transition between the turn and generally can consistently deliver race like levels of performance. Lighter, more hesitant skiers will find the CR74 a bit too much to handle, particularly at lower speeds, but stronger riders will love it.

Tester Comments

Derek Chandler
Fantastic piste ski, well designed, well made and good clean grip throughout
James Allen
Solid, heavy ski that can be pushed as hard as you like, never breaking away