Atomic Redster XTi


Price: £575.00 (with binding)
On piste short turns:
On piste long turns:
Ease of use:
Suitability for level:
Ability Level Lower Advanced Lower Expert Upper Advanced Upper Expert
Sidecut 117-72-104
Turn radius 16.4m (176cm)
Lengths 157, 164, 169, 176(2,170g)
Construction Sidewall
Titanium woodcore
Tip rocker
Strengths Very grippy, accelerates you out of the turn, smooth ride
Weaknesses Not a great margin for error, highly tuned

They say

Excellent high level ski, a perfect fusion of a slalom and giant slalom ski.

We say

Be in no doubt the Redster has huge levels of grip, it’s absolutely rock solid on the edge and holds well even on hard icy slopes. For such a reactive ski it manages to deliver a well damped, smooth ride and feels really well balanced through the arc. It has quite a soft flex when compared to some of the other high performance skis in this category, but it doesn’t really notice when skied, it just seems to consistently deliver sweet, smooth curves. With the tune we had on this ski it favored big edge angles and lower level skiers might find it quite daunting, but with a less aggressive sidewall tune it would work well.

Tester Comments

Derek Chandler
Rock solid, grippy, dependable and lively in shorts and longs, needs to be skied hard
Pete Davison
Really well balanced, a true all rounder good fun at all speeds