Piste Performance

It seems skiers are gradually reawakening to the draw of piste-focused skis. The reality is that for most people, conditions dictate that you will spend most of your time on the groomed runs. If that’s the case then the difference between a focused piste ski, compared to something more all-mountain or freeride orientated is simply enormous. The step up in performance and therefore fun is huge, it’s liking stepping out of a tractor and getting in a Ferrari….

Piste skis have the advantage in that they can focus on one simple goal, high performance in a relatively controlled environment of groomed runs. These means that you can beef up the construction go for integrated binding systems, while having a sidecut that can really give you something back when the ski is put on its edge. These types of skis can transform a relatively benign set of everyday conditions into something really addictive.

This year, for both women’s and men’s it was really difficult picking out winners, the overall level of quality was so high, which tells you everything you need to know about the contenders that got on the podium. If you yet haven’t tried a pair of the latest weapons grade piste skis, you better go for it, you’ve been missing out!

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