Black Diamond Helio Recon 95


Black Diamond
Price: £725.00
Ability Level Lower Advanced Upper Advanced Lower Expert Upper Expert Upper Intermediate
Sidecut 123-95-113
Turn radius 19m (173)
Lengths 163, 173, 183
Construction Pre Preg Carbon Fibre Layup
Ultralight Balsa Fax Wood Core
ABS Tail Protector
Strengths Great in pow, easy float, good fun
Weaknesses Twitchy and harder to predict at higher speeds on hardpack

They say

The Black Diamond Helio 95 ski balances playful, soft snow performance with technical precision

We say

The Helio has a fair dose of rocker on it which makes it very easy to initiate the turn and infinitely easy to make adjustments through the arc. It has a large shovel and generous platform underfoot which combined with rocker make this a fun ski to use in deep snow conditions. For this type of snow it will float up with ease and make any pitch feel easy. The downsides of the profile is that it does feel more unstable at speed and can feel more difficult to judge on hardpack. For ski tourers who are really searching out that perfect powder bowl, it’s a great ski

Tester Comments

Dougie Mill
Nose and tail suited to powder. Felt easy in short turns but unstable at speed