Volkl BMT 90


Price: £900.00
Ability Level Upper Intermediate Upper Expert Upper Advanced Lower Expert Lower Advanced
Sidecut 127-90-109
Turn radius 17.6m (170)
Lengths 163, 170, 177, 184
Construction Full Carbon Jacket
Multi Layer Woodcore Lite
Tip and Tail Rocker
Strengths Amazing high end performance, super grippy and strong
Weaknesses Price, do you need that power?

They say

The BMT with the biggest range of use in the line for the traditionally orientated touring skier

We say

This is obviously a lot of money for a touring ski, however that extra spend is clearly felt underfoot. This is a light ski that manages to put out an astounding level of performance for this type of ski, it grips really hard in all conditions with ease, if you were stuck on a steep, icy couloir this would definitely give you that extra bit of confidence. It’s a strong ski that has virtually no upper limits on how hard it can be pushed. In deeper conditions it skied well, but it’s on hard conditions where it really excels. However for a lot of ski tourers, they won’t really be looking for such a high level of performance and might be happy to go for a cheaper spend, and take a hit on that high end capability.

Tester Comments

Mark Jones
Amazing levels of grip for a touring ski, really punchy and great fun on the hardpack