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    Toby Mace

    Dates in resort: From: 05/01/2019 To: 19/01/2019
    I've skied in many of the well-known (and several not so well known) European and N American ski areas. I love tree skiing - preferably during a snow dump in one of the myriad resorts around Park City. In recent years I have discovered that I really enjoy ski touring as a change from resort-based piste and off-piste skiing. When it's too warm to go skiing I spend my time sailing my boat in Cornwall or thereabouts.
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    No Leader in resort this week

    Dates in resort: From: 19/01/2019 To: 26/01/2019
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    David Sincock

    Dates in resort: From: 26/01/2019 To: 09/02/2019
    One of my earliest memories is "skiing" in the garden in Berlin when I was about 5. Unfortunately I didn't do much for ages after that. But in my thirties I found myself going on more and more ski holidays, and I started leading for the Ski Club in 2002. I love the sport but also the social side of skiing, and rarely go out on the mountain on my own. Luckily my birthday is in mid-March - one of the best weeks of the season! I work part-time as a ski instructor, this February in Zermatt, before a Club leading slot in Klosters from March 4th to 25th. I am always keen to hear from potential new ski chums or old friends: 07766 333866. Happy Trails!
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    Mike Edmunds

    Dates in resort: From: 09/02/2019 To: 23/02/2019
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    Vanessa Cornborough

    Dates in resort: From: 23/02/2019 To: 09/03/2019
    Hi, I have been a leader for 20 years and have skied/snowboarded in numerous resorts all over the alps. I have lived and worked in Switzerland at times and so lucky to visit many lesser known ski resorts both in winter and summer. I look forward to taking you on an adventure or two!
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    Andrew Harte

    Dates in resort: From: 09/03/2019 To: 23/03/2019
    Despite a career in ski media, skiing several times a season all over the world, my passion for the sport remains unabated. Upon retiring just over a year ago, the key question was how was I going to continue to feed this hunger, whilst giving something back to the sport. Having worked for the Ski Club for many years and skied with leaders on many occasions, I understand the value of the product and admire it greatly. So for me, there was only one solution- to become a Ski Club of Great Britain leader! Skiing is much more than sliding down a slope making turns on and off piste - it is sharing the wonderful experience with like-minded people. I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing our passion.
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