Reps List

    Andrew Hudson

    Dates in resort: From: 04/01/2020 To: 18/01/2020
    Started skiing later in life and just love the mountains, the challenge, and looking forward to making new friends on the slopes and in the apres ski bars. Rugby has been my passion, having played county and regional standard. Also love squash, cycling, golf and anything that leads to a few well earnd beers afterwards. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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    Errol Walker

    Dates in resort: From: 25/01/2020 To: 01/02/2020
    I came to skiing late and got the bug! So now while lots of people around me hate the oncoming cold of the winter for me it just means skiing! Bring it on! But it's not just the fun of skìing but the interesting people you meet with that passion. Not just those who can fly down the extremes - not me - but those who just like the fun and want to get better at this strange thing of balancing on one or two planks on white cold stuff. At the moment I just love trying to get better on the snow and learning about the mountains. The more you learn, the more you respect them. What else do I do? I am a football referee for the FA, officiating at the lower end of the professional game. My summer interest is cycling: another recent activity. Each year I organise my work's snow club, taking over 50 people away to a variety of resorts. The day job for the moment is market research in the financial sector.
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    Toby Mace

    Dates in resort: From: 08/02/2020 To: 22/02/2020
    I've skied in many of the well-known (and several not so well known) European and N American ski areas. I love tree skiing - preferably during a snow dump in one of the myriad resorts around Park City. In recent years I have discovered that I really enjoy ski touring as a change from resort-based piste and off-piste skiing. When it's too warm to go skiing I spend my time sailing around the Scottish West coast.
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    Robert Biggle

    Dates in resort: From: 22/02/2020 To: 07/03/2020
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    Daniel Dorosz

    Dates in resort: From: 07/03/2020 To: 14/03/2020
    I've always loved skiing since first going as a teenager on a school trip. I've skied almost every year since but only ever for a couple of weeks a year. It never seemed like enough, so last year I worked for a season as a rep for a tour operator in Sölden. I discovered my favourite bit of the job was leading groups out on the mountain. One of my guests turned me onto the Ski Club and recommended the leaders course. Now here I am, excited to get out on the mountain with you all! Oustide of skiing, I've spend most of the last few years riding my bicycle around the world. Before that, it seems like a lifetime ago, I used to work as a software engineer. Haven't decided on the next chapter yet, but one thing I am sure of: It's going to include plenty of mountain time.
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    No Rep in resort

    Dates in resort: From: 14/03/2020 To: 21/03/2020
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