Leaders List

    David Sincock

    Dates leading on resort: From: 06/01/2018 To: 20/01/2018
    One of my earliest memories is "skiing" in the garden in Berlin when I was about 5. Unfortunately I didn't do much for ages after that. But in my thirties I found myself going on more and more ski holidays, and I started leading for the Ski Club in 2002. I love the sport but also the social side of skiing, and rarely go out on the mountain on my own. Luckily my birthday is in mid-March - one of the best weeks of the season! I work part-time as a ski instructor, this February in Zermatt, before a Club leading slot in Klosters from March 4th to 25th. I am always keen to hear from potential new ski chums or old friends: davesincock@hotmail.com. 07766 333866. Happy Trails!
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    Nevil Hewitt

    Dates leading on resort: From: 27/01/2018 To: 10/02/2018
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    Bob West

    Dates leading on resort: From: 10/02/2018 To: 24/02/2018
    I have been a ski lover for more than 30 years, shunning summer holidays just waiting for the snow to arrive. I have skied extensively in Europe and the US and my favourite skiing is in the USA. I love to ski off piste and I am always on the hunt for fresh tracks. I like a bit of cyling to keep the legs in shape. I also love classic cars and motor sport. I am looking forward to new adventures in Klosters with members in 2019
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    Wendy Laynton

    Dates leading on resort: From: 24/02/2018 To: 10/03/2018
    First went sking with the Rossendale Ski Club to Sansicario after I finished university and have been skiing ever since.... Going round left hand corners nvolved sitting down and turing round the skis. I enjoy offpiste sking, ski safari and ski touring when I get the opportunity and the time... I spend my summers sailing so end up with some serious scheduling conflicts around april ... when both sports are available. I love the mountains and enjoy the thrill of an open slope, fresh powder and a crystal blue sky! I have skied mainly in Europe and occasionally Canada and Chile/ Argentina with ambitions on the USA. I enjoy ski touring and exploring the backwoods either in search of a good slope or a good lunch! In the summer I race yachts and occasionally cruise. With all leisure involving combinations of wind, sunshine and water... in varying amounts. Work is facilites mangement in although officially qualified in chemical engineering and HR!
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    Alban Donohoe

    Dates leading on resort: From: 10/03/2018 To: 24/03/2018
    My first ever experience of skiing was at the age of 14 when I screwed a pair of antique skis to my walking boots and learned to fall down Saddleworth Moor, fortunately it has improved a little since then. I am one of the new boys having passed out of the ski cubs academy in Tignes 2011. I love playing hard and skiing hard with a nice lunch thrown in along the way I look forward to meeting, skiing and enjoying the apres bars with you
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