Leaders List

    Zoe Phillips

    Dates leading on resort: From: 16/12/2017 To: 30/12/2017
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    Peter Beck

    Dates leading on resort: From: 30/12/2017 To: 13/01/2018
    I was a fairly late starter to skiing in my early twenties, but from the very first day on that first holiday in St Anton I got the bug! A long time ago now and there's been a lot of snow pass under the ski's since then, but I have tried to ski as much as possible ever since then. I was fortunate to live in the USA for a few years back in the 80/90's with my work and I took every opportunity to ski including a fantastic week Cat-Skiing in the Selkirk's (BC). This is where my love of the back-country started and I've been trying to get to grips with it ever since! Now retired (early) I have the time to indulge my passion for skiing and the mountains. Looking forward to sharing some great times to come with other mountain lovers, having fun and just enjoying the moments both on and off the snow !
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    Mark Thomas

    Dates leading on resort: From: 13/01/2018 To: 27/01/2018
    Next year will herald the 50th anniversary of my first ski holiday. In that time I've been fortunate enough to ski in more than 35 resorts spread across the big-four European alpine countries, the East and West Coasts of America and the Rockies. My only regret is that 45 of those years went by before I discovered the Ski Club of Great Britain! Since joining the club I've spent most of a season exploring the Tarentaise resorts, enjoyed some great Freshtracks holidays (both on- and off-piste) and spent several more weeks each year in Zermatt and Cervinia. I enjoy every aspect and style of downhill skiing - from cruisey blues through thigh-burning reds and jaw-dropping blacks to heart-pumping moguls and waist-burying powder (when available). But, more than anything else, skiing is for me a social sport so there is nothing I like more than making new friends and enjoying convivial company while finding new places to ski and new routes to travel between picturesque chocolate stops and wonderful mountain restaurants. Last year I took the plunge and qualified as a Ski Leader so I am looking forward to skiing some new resorts, meeting more friends and helping Ski Club members experience my favourite activities. When I am not dreaming about, or planning, my next ski trip I live in the quiet Hampshire downloads, working to keep fit by swimming, cycling, walking and playing the occasional game of tennis.
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    Richard Congdon

    Dates leading on resort: From: 27/01/2018 To: 10/02/2018
    I love the combination of meeting new people and skiing.I try to extract maximum enjoyment from every inch of the mountain and so only go fast when needed.Left to me,I look for quieter spots and softest snow..I am happy having breaks that are shorter but more frequent if its sunny. In my other life I like triathlon and cookery. I look forward to meeting you and sharing some fun times on the mountain
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    Hulya Yilmaz

    Dates leading on resort: From: 10/02/2018 To: 24/02/2018
    Doesn't look like it's ever going to snow in Bondi where I live and my skis are useless on sand and surf so I best keep coming back to Europe as there is nothing I enjoy more than skiing! I joined the club on a ski & spa Freshtracks holiday in Kitzbuhel in 2004 and boy am I glad I did. I have done some amazing skiing in spectacular places with so many great members over the years and am truly delighted to be able to return the favour and now lead members on Freshtracks holidays and resorts. I've enjoyed skiing in many resorts around the world and you will find me heading to Zermatt at every opportunity, ideally heli-skiing followed by a gourmet chow-down, laughing about the adventures just had in good company. Looking forward to skiing with you and having fun.
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    Len Hawkins

    Dates leading on resort: From: 24/02/2018 To: 10/03/2018
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    Susan Kalderon

    Dates leading on resort: From: 10/03/2018 To: 24/03/2018
    I booked my first skiing holiday as soon as I had my first pay packet, and have been skiing almost every year since. I just love the combination of the continuing challenges of the sport, being in the outdoors, mountain scenery, winter sun and apple strudels (or tartes) galore. Although I have skied in resorts from Canada through all the major resorts of Europe to Japan, as a family we enjoyed 15 years in Lech where our children all learnt to ski, whilst we took up ski touring. My more recent experience has been in the Valais, Switzerland. Although the full Haute Route is not for me, I have been able to enjoy many parts of it on day tours. I have been a member of the SCGB since I started skiing. I met my husband in Courmayeur over 30 years ago, where we both skied with a SCGB leader. I took the SCGB ski leaders course in December 2017, and I am now looking forward to leading in different resorts in the Alps.
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    Robert Doe

    Dates leading on resort: From: 24/03/2018 To: 07/04/2018
    I learnt to ski during a gap year with a school friend who then spent another 4 seasons on skis in the Alps, so I enjoyed the privilege of a personal ski guide in 3 other resorts. Now its my turn. I've done loads of other sports and am still pretty enthusiastic about rowing (racing and coaching) but skiing stands out for me as that really special experience. I was the end-of-season leader in Saas Fee last year and now back for more. With a couple of weeks to go before the start of my tour, the recent dump looks set to provide us with a fantastic late-season base. See you there!
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Saas Fee
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