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    Johnnny Mcintyre

    Dates in resort: From: 21/12/2019 To: 11/01/2020
    "I started skiing in my home country of Scotland when I was at school, now I spend most of the winter in the alps. As well as leading for the SCGB, I lead for the DHO and am a BASI and IASI instructor. The most important things for me on a leading day are safety, smiles and miles. I always enjoy driving to the resorts from Scotland as a grand touring road trip. The rest of my year is involved in clay target shooting, for the last 17 years I’ve been capped for Scotland in the Home International."
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    Chris Tomlinson

    Dates in resort: From: 11/01/2020 To: 25/01/2020
    I spend most of the winter in the French Alps running "The Chalet Project", the name I gave my cunning plan to escape the rat-race. Each season I rent a chalet in Morzine and sub-let it to friends, family and like-minded people - while keeping a room for myself! ( more info here I'm also the author of a series of books called 'Skiing with Demons' that document my experiences as a 'geezonaire' (a ski bum over 50) and I spend most of my summers writing about life, love and the art of Land Rover maintenance. I also spend a lot of the summer hiking around the Lakes and Pennines looking for inspiration. (more info here:
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    TBC Rep

    Dates in resort: From: 25/01/2020 To: 22/02/2020
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    Jennifer Richards

    Dates in resort: From: 22/02/2020 To: 07/03/2020
    I didn’t start skiing until I was mid thirties but immediately got hooked. I regularly ski for several weeks each season and spent a whole season in Tignes chalet hosting. My time on snow is now split between downhill skiing , snowboarding and cross country. As long as I’m outside and active I’m happy ! When I’m not skiing I enjoy mountain biking , sailing and road biking.
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    Susan Kalderon

    Dates in resort: From: 07/03/2020 To: 21/03/2020
    I booked my first skiing holiday as soon as I had my first pay packet, and have been skiing almost every year since. I just love the combination of the continuing challenges of the sport, being in the outdoors, mountain scenery, winter sun and apple strudels (or tartes) galore. Although I have skied in resorts from Canada through all the major resorts of Europe to Japan, as a family we enjoyed 15 years in Lech where our children all learnt to ski, whilst we took up ski touring. My more recent experience has been in the Valais, Switzerland. Although the full Haute Route is not for me, I have been able to enjoy many parts of it on day tours. I have been a member of the SCGB since I started skiing. I met my husband in Courmayeur over 30 years ago, where we both skied with a SCGB leader. I took the SCGB ski leaders course in December 2017, and I am now looking forward to leading in different resorts in the Alps.
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    Robert Doe

    Dates in resort: From: 21/03/2020 To: 04/04/2020
    I learnt to ski during a gap year with a school friend who then spent another 4 seasons on skis in the Alps, so I enjoyed the privilege of a personal ski guide in 3 other resorts. Now its my turn. I've done loads of other sports and am still pretty enthusiastic about rowing (racing and coaching) but skiing stands out for me as that really special experience. I was the end-of-season leader in Saas Fee last year and now back for more. With a couple of weeks to go before the start of my tour, the recent dump looks set to provide us with a fantastic late-season base. See you there!
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