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    Dates in resort: From: 02/01/2021 To: 03/04/2021
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    Keith Irvine

    Dates in resort: From: 09/01/2021 To: 23/01/2021
    With a non skiing wife I love to meet up with Ski Club members for a day out. A late starter in the sport [42, and in beautiful Saas Fee] I still love learning new things about resorts and technique every season. The Geographer in me means I particularly enjoy making journeys through the landscape, and I'd encourage you to buy the full Sasser Valley ski pass if you truly want to make the most of the area. Please try and ensure you pre-register if you are thinking you'd like me to ski with you in Sass Fee; it means more time skiing and less doing paperwork!
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    John Cook

    Dates in resort: From: 23/01/2021 To: 06/02/2021
    I first discovered skiing when I was 11 and went on my first ski holiday with my school to Austria - I can't remember where, it was a very long time ago! Never mind, the place didn't leave much of an impression but the sport certainly did. I continued to ski until my 20's when it became a religion and I then qualified as an instructor. That still wasn't good enough, the passion grew and grew until now in my 30's, the time came for a career break: I left the world of design and set up a small independent ski company based in the Chamonix valley. Which I ran successfully for 5 years, until the real world caught up with me again. I saw the club leader position, not merely as a means to ski more, but give back some of my passion for the sport by helping other skiers enjoy there holiday to the max., through what I see as an invaluable club service. So what happens when the snow melts? You'll often find me on the Dorset coast windsurfing, running, cycling ...... See you on the slopes!
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    Chris Tomlinson

    Dates in resort: From: 06/02/2021 To: 20/02/2021
    I spend most of the winter in Morzine, where I once ran a chalet. I have written a series of books about my winter life called 'Skiing with Demons (1, 2 and 3). They document my experiences as a chalet host and my sometimes tempestuous relationship with skiing. My summer passion is fell walking and I try to spend most of it in the Lake District and on the Pennine Mountains. (more info here:
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    Susan Kalderon

    Dates in resort: From: 20/02/2021 To: 06/03/2021
    I booked my first skiing holiday as soon as I had my first pay packet, and have been skiing almost every year since. I just love the combination of the continuing challenges of the sport, being in the outdoors, mountain scenery, winter sun and apple strudels (or tartes) galore. Although I have skied in resorts from Canada through all the major resorts of Europe to Japan, as a family we enjoyed 15 years in Lech where our children all learnt to ski, whilst we took up ski touring. My more recent experience has been in the Valais, Switzerland. Although the full Haute Route is not for me, I have been able to enjoy many parts of it on day tours. I have been a member of the SCGB since I started skiing. I met my husband in Courmayeur over 30 years ago, where we both skied with a SCGB leader. I took the SCGB ski leaders course in December 2017, and I am now looking forward to leading in different resorts in the Alps.
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