Snow overview for USA

24 January 2020

The deluge of snow that the USA has experienced for the most part of January has eased off this week in most parts. This is great news for those wanting to get out on the slopes as there is already plenty enough snow in most parts.

The western parts of the USA have seen huge snowfalls over the past month. Timberline now has a whopping base depth of almost 4m on the upper pistes! As with other parts of the USA, the snowfall has eased off for now and no fresh snow is expected this weekend.

Over in Utah there has been light snow and sunshine for the majority of the week. This weekend temperatures are set to hover around freezing and there is a chance of some more light snow. All in all, there should be some excellent skiing conditions on offer.

Northern parts of California have received more snow this week than most parts of the USA with up to half a metre of snow falling in some areas. Relatively little snow fell in southern California but skiing conditions in the area remain good as temperatures have been well below freezing. Heavenly is indicative of most resorts in the area for the weekend and will receive just 4cm of snow while temperatures remain below zero.

Further west in Colorado, great skiing is on offer after a record breaking January. Jackson Hole broke its snowfall record for the first half of January with 340cm of snow falling on upper parts in the first two weeks of the month. Over the weekend there will be plenty of sun in the resort, making for perfect skiing conditions.

Over on the east coast, conditions are the best that they have been all season. Up to 50cm of fresh snow fell last weekend and in the early part of this week. Some areas are forecast to receive reasonable amounts of snow this weekend. As we head into next week, conditions should be excellent in the region.

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