Three hours north of Banff and four hours west of Edmonton, Jasper retains some of the atmosphere of its frontier days as a railroad town. Staying here feels a little like peeping round the curtain into another era. It's an impression underlined by the breathtaking scenery that envelopes the town and the welcome afforded to you by the locals. Elk and other wildlife really do wander the streets round these parts.

This relaxed atmosphere also extends to nearby Marmot Basin, the ski area is only twenty minutes south of town. Its remoteness means the slopes are uncrowded and the skiing unfolds at a nicely unhurried pace. Skiers and snowboarders can explore a wide variety of runs, from novice to expert, on four mountain faces. This, combined with the chance to stay in the time capsule that is Jasper, makes Marmot Basin worthy of investigation and helps to explain its popularity among UK skiers.


Rustic Canada in excelsis.

Almost perfect for intermediates, beginners and families.



No on-slope accommodation means a drive each day.

Those craving steeps will be disappointed.

Long flight followed by long transfer.

Getting there

  • Calgary airport: 4 hours

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