Step by Step process

You can submit your claim through multiple channels, but we strongly suggest that you submit your claim using the dedicated online portal as you do not need to complete a structured paper claim form and you will receive confirmation that your claim has been submitted in the form of a claim number. You can also enter your claim after this has been submitted so you can upload any documentation you need to support your claim in a few easy steps.

Please note, claims are submitted via Claims Settlement Agencies, Ltd. (CSAL), a third-party acting on behalf of Millstream, our underwriters. You will need to register your details when submitting a claim for the first time, as it operates offer a different system to the Ski Club and Ski Club Travel Insurance.

Your claim has now been submitted. If you have logged your claim using the online portal you will have a reference number which will contain the prefix MILL followed by one number, a forward slash symbol and a further six numbers such as – MILL2/123456

If you have submitted your claim using an alternative method, you will receive your claim reference number upon assessment of your claim. You can expect a response to your claim within five working days, but at busier times this response time may be longer than expected. You will receive confirmation of this response time in your automated response.

It is important when you submit your claim that you include all the documents that are required as failure to do so could result in a delay to your claim being settled. Your policy documents provide some examples of key documents required to proceed with your claim.

Your claim will be assessed against your policy terms and conditions to determine the following:

  • If your claim is covered by the policy terms and conditions (either partially or in full) including the items you have submitted as part of your claim.
  • If your claim is covered for other items beyond those submitted as part of your claim
  • The value of your claim based on the items that are covered
  • If any further information is required to support your claim

Following the assessment of your claim you will receive one of the following emails:

  • Confirmation that your claim has been assessed and is ready for a payment to be submitted, this will include the calculations and an explanation for any deductions.
  • Confirmation that your claim has been assessed, but further information is needed to support your claim before a payment can be considered
  • Confirmation that your claim has been assessed, but it does not meet the terms and conditions of your policy. This will be accompanied by a full explanation as to why your claim is not covered.

You do not need to be worried if you are asked to provide further information. It is not unusual and the most common reasons for this are either:

  • The documentation you originally supplied did not meet the requirements as information was missing – this will be explained in the email supplied by the claim handler.
  • There was documentation missing from your original submission or the information was not legible in your first submission
  • There are further questions raised from the documentation submitted which need to be answered before the claim can be agreed

When your response is received you will receive an automatic acknowledgement that your email has been received. You will return back to Step 3 and your claim will be assessed within the timescales set out.

Your claim has now been successfully reviewed and it is ready to be settled following receipt of your original documents and/or the additional documents you have supplied. Your claim will be settled by bank transfer or ‘BACS’ and you can expect to receive your funds within 3 – 5 working days.