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1. Keep your weight forward

Thinking about the fore/aft axis, your centre of mass should be forward when skiing downhill to maintain balance. Imagine there is a strawberry in the front of each boot and SQUISH it! Never transfer your weight to the back of your boot – you are likely to lose control and put unnecessary strain on your leg muscles. Having your weight in the front of your boots at the start of the turn will help you to initiate turns much more effectively.

2. Keep your weight over the outside ski when turning

Thinking about your lateral axis, in order to nail your turns you need to keep your weight over the outside ski during the top and at the apex of the turn. If you are turning to your left – your outside ski is your right hand ski, and vice versa. You can practise your weight distribution by lifting the inside ski on your turns to get used to the feeling of your weight being over the outside ski. If your weight distribution is right, this will be easy and you should be able to keep your inside ski lifted throughout the entirety of the turn!

3. Extend in the turning transition (pedalling motion)

Think about your vertical axis and whether you are in a low squashed position or standing tall during your turns. In your transition between your turns extend upwards and transfer your weight from one outside ski to the other. The sensation is like pedalling a bike, hence why it’s known as pedalling! This movement allows you to smoothly transition weight from one ski to the other and will make your turns look and feel effortless. You will be at your tallest position in your transition from one turn to the next.

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