Have you ever dreamed of training like a professional skier? Well, here is your chance!

Supreme Experiences are now offering 5-day Performance Ski Camps for recreational skiers in Europe and Canada. What does that mean? Well, it means you get to train like a professional ski racer but in a friendly and sociable environment! Jack Evans, the founder, and Head Coach of Supreme Performance Camps had spent over a decade training ski racers all the way up to the World Cup level. Knowing the benefits and excitement athletes get when skiing Giant Slalom courses, he thought it was time recreational skiers get in on the action!

Here are three key components of skiing that this camp emphasises to help guide you in becoming a better all-around skier.

These performance camps come at very reasonable prices with discounts on accommodations, food, and rentals. The 5 days on snow begin with team breakfast, then it’s time to hit the ski slopes. Starting with a couple of warm up runs with your coach, you will then go through a ski course inspection to ready you for the Giant Slalom gates. Throughout the training day your coach will provide on hill video review, technical feedback along with your technical goals and guide you on how to meet them. After lunch and an afternoon training session you’ll head back to the hotel for spa time, social activities, video analysis, team dinner and drinks.

The methodology of these camps is designed for people to ski out of their comfort zone in a safe environment to elicit improvements in their skiing in a short period of time. The training days run like a professional ski team other than some more friendly ski courses, luxury accommodations and a little more social time! This unique approach has resulted in incredible results in ski technique and tactics, confidence, carving and 100% client return rate from last season to this.

If your interested in giving this a go then get in touch with Head Coach, Jack Evans at moc.iksemerpus@kcaj or visit the website.

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