Skiing and riding this year will be different; we’re here to welcome you back to winter as smoothly as possible. This guide is a brief overview of what to expect when travelling to and around Bosnia and Herzegovina and in resort this winter.

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The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office issues advice relating to the safety of a country or destination to travel to. If you travel against this advice, there could be serious ramifications for the cover provided under your travel insurance policy. Please read their advice and your travel insurance policy very carefully before booking and travelling.


Vaccine Eligibility 

In the eyes of Bosnian authorities and for the purposes of this overview, a person is considered fully vaccinated if they have received; 

          ·       A full course of any vaccination against COVID-19

A “full course” is considered as the first two doses of any two-shot vaccination, or your only dose of a single shot vaccine. These must have been administered no less than 14 days before your arrival in Bosnia. If appropriate, your third “booster” dose is not necessary for this purpose.

More details can be found here. 


Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are subject to change at short notice. Please check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s advice for Bosnia for the latest guidance.

All travellers can enter Bosnia without quarantining if they are able to provide one of the following:

          -          A negative COVID-19 PCR test result, taken no earlier than 48hrs before travel

          -          Proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination, completed no less than 14 days prior to arrival

          -          A certificate from a doctor demonstrating proof of recovery from COVID-19 between 14 and 180 days before your arrival.

Bosnia and Herzegovinian authorities will freely accept the NHS’s proof of COVID recovery or vaccination for gaining access to the country - this must be in paper form, and they will not accept a digital format.


Getting Around – Bars, Restaurants, Etc.

Masks and social distancing are being enforced and are required on all forms of public transport, in indoor public areas and in outdoor areas where crowds are expected.

As part of this, there may be restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather in one place.


What to Expect in Resort?

Social distancing will be in place in enclosed areas. This includes enclosed lifts, so expect lifts to operate with a reduced capacity.

Facemasks must be worn in all enclosed areas and in all lift queues.

Cable cars, gondolas, etc., are considered public transport, and facemasks must therefore be worn at all times when riding.