Winter sports are some of the most equipment intensive sports in existence. Before you even consider your skis or board and boots, you have to make sure you're in the right clothing that will keep you warm and dry - but not too much of either! -  in cold and snowy conditions. A variety of safety factors need to be considered too, such as helmets, gloves and goggles. The Ski Club have been experts on kit and equipment since skiing hit the mainstream, when people skied in leather shoes, used long wooden skies and ladies skied in skirts and headscarves, and now have all the knowledge on he best modern tech and latest fashion trends.


The Basics

What anyone needs to go one any skiing holiday, from a weekend with family to the dream adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are looking to buy or just need to work out what to hire, our guides bring you up to speed on what you need to stay warm, dry and safe on the mountain.

Taking the Plunge - Buying Your Own Gear

Buying your own gear is often the difference maker when trying to push your skiing to the next level. It is critical, however, to make sure you get it right, as the wrong boots, wrong skis or wrong board can ruin your skiing or riding experience. With nearly 120 years experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest tech, we're here to help you make sure you get it right.

The Next Level

Picking the right ski is more than just knowing which ski type best suits what you want from your skiing. The Ski Club brings you our top picks of the latest and best tech for the next season, from the SIGB ski test which take place in the Alps every year. We also offer our advice and instruction on looking after your skis and board yourself, a more sustainable and cost-effective method than dropping them in the shop. Don't forget to check out our FAQs for any questions we still haven't answered, or you can ask our experts to solve those burning questions.

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