A Fogg medi-card is provided with all Annual Multi Trip Ski Club Travel Insurance policies, including Ski Club Platinum Membership - taken out prior to 1st October 2018. 

Why the Ski Club has removed the Fogg medi-card


Although the Fogg medi-card has previously been included as a supplemental element of the Ski Club Platinum membership, the Ski Club has discontinued its association with the Fogg Medi-card as it no longer offered the level of service we expected for our members. The removal of the Fogg Medicard has been an entirely service driven decision and the cost of the insurance provision didn’t take the medicard into account. 

 We’ve found that the medicards are becoming less and less recognised in resort, and don’t want our members to be disappointed at a point when they’re potentially at their most vulnerable on the side of the piste. Any emergency medical expenses will still be covered within the “Emergency medical” section of the policy, including costs accrued due to rescue from the pistes. As Fogg is a separate insurer to Ski Club insurance, there is no alternative purchase method in place but we continue to look for similar inclusions.


If you were issued a Fogg card prior to the 1st October 2018, the card and accompanying cover will remain valid for the entire period displayed on the card.

What is Fogg Medi-card?

Extra peace of mind on the mountain

Fogg Medi-card is an insurance system recognised in most European resorts.* In the event of an accident or illness on the mountain, show the card to any piste rescue, first ambulance service and/or the first treating doctor in Europe. Where the Fogg Medi-card is accepted, they won’t charge you, meaning that you won’t incur any upfront costs to get off the mountain and to the doctor. Payment is made by specialist ski claims handlers Fogg, direct to the service provider.

Medi-card covers:

  • Transport off the mountain by skidoo or helicopter
  • Ambulance charges to reach the first treating doctor
  • First treating doctor
  • No excess or up-front fees to pay
  • On and off-piste** skiing, as well as summer mountain activities

If you have any questions about Medi-card, please read our FAQs or call 020 8410 2015.

NB. Fogg Medi-card is complementary to and NOT a replacement for adequate winter sports travel insurance. You will still need winter sports travel insurance to ensure that you are fully covered whilst travelling and in resort, and for any further medical costs. Click here to receive a quote for Ski Club Travel Insurance.

*Covers Europe only - excludes Scandinavia, Bulgaria and Norway.
**Provided that you are not skiing against local advice.

Medi-card FAQs

What is Medi-card?

Fogg Medi-card is a system recognised in some European resorts (see below for exceptions). In the event of an accident or illness on the mountain, show the card to any piste rescue, first ambulance service and/or the first treating doctor in Europe. Where the card is accepted, you won’t incur any upfront costs to get off the mountain and to the doctor.

If I've already got the Medi-card, is it still valid even though they are not offered with Ski Club Insurance from 31st September? 

If you've already been issued a Fogg Medicard as part of your annual Ski Club insurance, or Platinum membership, the Medicard will still be accepted (where applicable) within the valid dates printed on your card. 

Does Medi-card replace travel insurance?

No. Medi-card is a quick and convenient way of dealing with the cost of being rescued off the mountain, the first ambulance and first doctor only.

Are there any forms to fill in?

The service provider will have paperwork to be completed which will normally be done during or immediately after the rescue.

Will I have to pay an excess?

No. There is no excess on the Medi-card. However, if you have other medical costs to claim under your own travel insurance, any policy excess will still apply.

Do I have to have the card with me?

Yes, as this is proof of your cover. If you do not have the card with you it will be necessary for you to pay the service and then claim back the costs.

What if I am taken ill on the skiing area?

The Medi-card is still valid as it is for rescue from the skiing area. If you are taken ill elsewhere, such as in resort, you should call your insurer’s emergency assistance number in the usual way.

Are medical costs covered?

Only the first treating doctor’s medical costs are covered by the Medi-card. Any other medical costs, for example if you are flown out of resort to a hospital, should be claimed under your travel insurance.

Will my Medi-card cover me off-piste?

Yes, provided that you are not skiing against local advice. 

Where is the Medi-card accepted?

Medi-card is accepted in ski resorts in all European countries, except Scandinavia, Bulgaria and Norway. It is not valid outside of Europe.

Which nationalities can use a Medi-card?

The Fogg Medi-card is only available to members resident in the UK or Eire. If the card is accepted: The piste rescue, first ambulance and treating doctor will bill Fogg directly for their costs having accepted your Medi-card, and as such payment will be made directly to the service provider by Fogg. Unless you have any other costs to claim under your own travel insurance, you do not need to do anything.

Does my Fogg Medi-card remain valid if my annual travel insurance policy is cancelled, either by myself, or the insurers (e.g. due to a change in medical conditions)?

No, your Fogg Medi-card will no longer be valid if your annual travel insurance policy is cancelled for any reason.

If the card is not accepted, contact:

Ski Club Medi-card claims:

Visit foggskiclub.com for details on how to submit your claim.

Medi-card claims are dealt with by:

Fogg Travel Insurance Services Ltd. Crow Hill Drive, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 7AE

Tel: 01623 631 331 Fax: 01623 420 450

Email: claims@Foggtravelinsurance.com

Medi-card Terms and Conditions

Fogg Medi-card is:

  • Provided with a current Ski Club Platinum membership or an Annual Multi-trip Ski Club Travel Insurance policy prior to 1st October 2018
  • Valid only for residents of UK and Eire
  • Valid for Ski Club Platinum members and Annual Multi-Trip retail customers aged 75 and under**
  • Only valid whilst your Annual Ski Club Travel Insurance is valid. If your insurance policy is cancelled for any reason, the Fogg Medicard will no longer be vaild.
  • Recognised only in Europe with the exception of Scandinavia, Bulgaria and Norway.

Ski Club of Great Britain is an Appointed Representative of Maintenance Assist Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Firm Reference Number 516611. Ski Club of Great Britain’s FCA Firm Reference Number is 423392.  This information can be checked on the FCA¹s Register by visiting the FCA¹s website www.fca.org.uk/register or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768. This insurance is underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities plc and insured by Union Reiseversicherung AG, UK Branch. Travel Insurance Facilities PLC are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Union Reiseversicherung AG are authorised in Germany by BaFin and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and in The Republic of Ireland by the Insurance Regulator. Policies arranged by the Ski Club of Great Britain are administered by Travel Administration Facilities, and claims are administered by Travel Claims Facilities. This can be checked on the financial services register held on the FCA’s website - www.fca.org.uk

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