Recently rebranded from simply Flimx to Flims Laax, these two resorts together comprise one of the largest connected ski areas in Switzerland. Including Falera, this is an example of three different places that have been linked by a lift system. The resort promotes itself as a host for many competitions, as well as boasting one of the largest and most impressive freestyle parks in the Alps alongside what they market as the worlds largest halfpipe. The slopes have a sunny, predominantly south facing orientation, meaning they are great on the clear day for those who like those conditions, though it starts to become a drawback towards the end of the season.

In reality, it is likely that you'll find yourself staying in either Laax or Flims. Of the two, Laax is little more than a base station with hotels and some apartments, although there has been expansion in recent years which has given it a more lively atmospehere. Flims is larger and more villagey. Falera is more suitable for couples and small families.


Large, well-planned area.

Good for all levels, a great variety and extensive terrain.

Great nightlife.

Popular location for big competitions and events.


Spread-out resort.

Busy at start and end of day.

Susceptible to bad weather in early season.

Getting there

  • Friedrichshafen airport: 2 hours

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