Few things get us more excited for the coming season than reading up on the latest kit.

For 2019/20, manufacturers have once again pushed the envelope of what is possible on a pair of planks. Innovative new technologies aid piste skiers hunting for the 'perfect turn' while weight-saving materials and construction have revolutionised the free-tour category, allowing riders to climb higher and explore further than ever before!

In March 2019, The Snowsport Industries of Great Britain (SIGB) hosted the annual UK ski test in Pila, Italy , where retailers and media can get some turns in on next season's kit to find out what's hot (and what's not). The Ski Club attends with an elite team of female and male professional testers, to test over 100 models of ski, across four categories; Piste Performance, All-Mountain, Freeride and Free-Tour.

If you're looking for new kit, then this is your place, and if you're not then we bet these pages will tempt you!

You can always get in touch if you want some human advice on the best skis for you by emailing the club's Information and Advice service at info@skiclub.co.uk.

We've also got ski test videos (release date 4th November) of our award skis, visit the Ski Club's YouTube channel or scroll down to watch. The videos were created with Snow+Rock, where many of the skis are available and Ski Club Members receive an exclusive 15% discount

This year's Ski Club Top Performer awards have gone to:

Men's Piste Performance

Women's Piste Performance

 Men's All Mountain

 Women's All Mountain 

Men's Freeride

Women's Freeride 

Men's Piste Performance 2020 Video Review


Women's Piste Performance 2020 Review


Men's All Mountain 2020 Review

Women's All Mountain 2020 Review