Skiing, skiing, skiing; it's a mighty fine thing! But here's the rub - you need skis to do it. So, the question is - which ones do you want to get?

The Snowsport Industries of Great Britain (SIGB) hosts the UK ski test for retailers and media to get on next season's kit to find out what's hot (and what's not).

The Ski Club attends with a team female and male testers, to test over 100 models of ski. 

In March 2017 the test was held in the Austrian resort of Kuhtai, which duly delivered the goods. We had some fantastic snowfall that week mixed in with some days of excellent visibility. We test across four categories; Piste Performance, All-Mountain, Freeride and Free-tour. The variable weather conditions across the week meant we could plan different days for different categories, selecting the most appropriate weather and snow conditions for those specific skis.

It is a hard week of skiing hard, pushing skis and our bodies to their limit, but we hope that the ski tests in these pages prove useful when you're thinking about which pair of skis to get next.

You can always get in touch if you want some human advice on the best skis for you by emailing the club's Information and Advice service at .

We've also got ski test videos of our award skis, so visit the Ski Club's YouTube channel to watch those.

The awards have gone to:

Men's Piste Performance

Men's All-Mountain

Men's Freeride

Women's Piste Performance

Women's All-Mountain

Women's Freeride

The best men's all-mountain skis for 2017/18

The Ski Club attends the Snowsport Industries of Great Britain (SIGB) ski tests to test the coming season's flock of new skis. For 2017-18 season we tested over 100 skis, and these three came out as the best men's all-mountain skis.